blue and white striped teepee tent for boys by LoveMeSparkle
rugby stripes teepee play tent by LoveMeSparkle
Little boy's play fort tent by LoveMeSparkle
Toddler Teepee tent for boys by LoveMeSparkle
Nautical nursery teepee tent by LoveMeSparkle
Madden teepee by LoveMeSparkle
Madden teepee by LoveMeSparkle


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How can you go wrong with navy and white stripes? This handmade teepee is so cute for a themed nursery, playroom, or baby shower. Perfect for a nautical theme. Would also make a fantastic photo shoot prop.

  • Navy and white/cream cotton with beige fringe trim around the opening and sewn tubes for poles to be inserted through are beige cotton.
  • Button and string securely sewn on to tie door open.
  • Stands about 55 inches tall, base is about 50 in x 40in—fits 1–2 small children comfortably.
  • Choose between:
    • PRE-ASSEMBLED: Tent is already thread through poles--65 inch long wooden dowels, drilled and securely tied at the top. Simply open like an umbrella and you’re ready to play!
    • TENT ONLY: Tent is shipped without poles, base only. Purchase your own wooden dowels at your local home improvement store ($3-4 each). Detailed assembly instructions and round metal hardware clamp included upon purchase. 
  • PLEASE NOTE Always supervise children while using this teepee. Although pre-assembled tent poles are securely drilled and tied at the top and, teepee may not remain standing upright if children’s play is too rough resulting in possibly injury. Lightweight, breathable fabrics always used to prevent possible suffocation.