Toddler "Twister" Game

It's 3pm on a Tuesday, it's cold and rainy outside, and your 2 year old has already watched Tangled three times today. Sound familiar? Me. Every. Day. There gets to be a point when the favorite toys are boring, reading the same book for the 50,000th time isn't the same, and you're fresh out of ideas. That's where I was at when I came up with this game for my 2 year old. Toddlers aren't quite at the age where they can understand games, so I know it had to be really simple. So simple, in fact, that there is no way to win or lose. Or really... no point at all to the game. Sounds right up a toddler's alley--am I right? What if I told you that you could print it right this very second and be ready to play in 3 minutes?
Here's how you play. It's basically a very simplified, toddler-friendly version of the classic "Twister" game. There are 6 pictures of basic shapes, animals, etc. Each picture is placed on the floor and there is a dice with corresponding pictures on each side. Toss the die, see what picture it is, jump on the picture as fast as those little, chubby legs will allow. Then roll again and make it to the next picture in one big jump! 
Older kids? Make it a little harder by placing the pictures farther from each other, or hiding around the room. Or make your own game with letters, words, numbers, etc. (See instructions below for a printable dice format).
Get those kids off the couch and drain some energy, while learning!Getting kids active indoors with educational games by LoveMeSparkle
1. Follow this  link to the FREE printable I created.. Or make your own!
2. Cut your pictures out.
Printable toddler game by LoveMeSparkle
3. Cut the die out by following the lines.
Free printable kids dice for indoor learning game by SparkleMomHacks
4. Fold the die on the lines, forming a cube. Put glue or tape on the tabs to keep it together. You could also use an old wooden stacking block and tape/draw on each side.
Ready to play!
Cold Winter day indoor educational activity for toddlers by SparkleMomHacks
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Indoor play activity idea, vintage style hobby horse by LoveMeSparkle

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